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Quality Landscape Design In Lexington SC | Crabtree Garden Center - 20150507_153741xWhat makes our landscape design different?

Crabtree Garden Center has been in business for over 20 years, and has become your Palmetto Connection, housing a large variety of semi-tropical and cold-hardy plants and including the largest selection of Palmetto trees in the Lexington area. We have a strong background in landscape architecture which has allowed us to assist countless home and business owners with designing an outdoor living area that fits their exact wants and needs.

We've created landscapes that have been designed around pools, including styles like a tropical oasis, and we can definitely work with you to create whatever you envision. At Crabtree Garden Center, we have the experience, dedication, and passion to get your job done right, the first time.

Landscape Design Services in Lexington

Quality Landscape Design In Lexington SC | Crabtree Garden Center - 917_475639672498591_2129567468_nCliff opened Crabtree Garden Center to provide an outlet for residential clients to come for landscaping ideas, inspiration, and well-maintained plants. Through Crabtree, he can offer landscape design services to customers of any size while maintaining the same quality and creativity for all of his clients. Cliff is often at the Garden Center offering ideas and advice to homeowners and business clients as well as full consultations for landscape design.

You might need help with the placement and planting of your new tree; we're here to help. You might need your entire property landscaped and designed, we can do that too. Fill out the contact form on the right to receive a consultation on your project and to get the answers you need.

Lexington SC's Premier Garden Center & Nursery

Crabtree Garden Center is the place to go for your garden and landscaping needs. Some of our DIY clients come in looking for a particular plant or item while others need a little extra help with landscaping design ideas.

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Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find low-maintenance plants and flowers for any part of your yard, any light requirements, and any soil types. Gardens are very climate specific and even with the same conditions a garden in Elgin or Columbia, SC will be vastly different than one in Michigan or California. Our staff is friendly and helpful and we look forward to the opportunity to help you create your dream garden. To get an idea of our awesome service and plants, you can read what our customers are saying about us here.

Commercial and Municipal Landscape Design

Quality Landscape Design In Lexington SC | Crabtree Garden Center - imagesCAQPGW4KCliff Crabtree has worked on projects in outdoor public spaces and corporate landscape designs. He has created the designs, prepared models, and worked directly on the job site to ensure proper implementation of his design. All projects are quoted out and estimated when the model is made, and Cliff works with your team personally from start to finish. Construction crews also make use of his creative designs and plant knowledge. His understanding of the project as a whole in relation to each garden or space makes his designs unbeatably beautiful. Cliff works on both full property plans and unique area designs including parks and playgrounds, side yards, front of building designs, entryways, functional backyard designs, and more. Fill out the contact form to the right for a landscape design consultation on your next project.

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"Don't let the huge palmetto trees in the front fool you...it's an oasis when you walk further into their garden center. I was looking for a tree for weeks for the front yard of my new home. We happened to finally stop at this garden center and we were amazed as soon as we pulled up. Beautiful shrubs trees annuals perennials.... water features. I was impressed. The gentleman was courteous professional and pleasant to deal with. We purchased our first weeping cherry tree. They took the time out to explain how to plant it and care for it. Even made little drawing for us since we are newbies at gardening. Very informative and professional!!! I highly recommend."

Charlene B.

Crabtree's is my garden center of choice. They offer everything you need for a landscaping make-over, as in my case. The 5 large palmetto trees, Cliff installed for me provides a fabulous anchor for the landscapes tropical theme. Cliff's expert advice went above and beyond my expectations. Crabtree's large selection of high quality inventory is a great value. I love the fact its a one stop shop for everything from my annuals, shrubs, trees, sod and natural stone for my future fire pit. Thanks Cliff...............

Dan Czekalski

We provide creative landscape designs for our customers in Elgin, Columbia, Forest Acres, Cayce, Irmo, and West Columbia, SC and the surrounding areas.